What Flavor Is Cool Blue Gatorade?

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what flavor is cool blue gatorade

What flavor is cool blue Gatorade? There’s no clear answer, but there are plenty of great ones. Strawberry lemonade is a classic, sweet-tart combination, and it’s particularly good when topped with vodka. But Gatorade’s flavor mavens went overboard with sweetness, making this drink taste like strawberry juice with a tinge of something else – probably a hint of lemon or monopotassium phosphate.

Choose A Flavour Or Two And Experiment

There’s also the new Arctic Blitz, a forgettable orange beverage. Compared to other Gatorades, Arctic Blitz is more like a Miami Dolphins home jersey during third quarter. It’s not particularly berry or citrusy, but if you’re looking for a fruit flavor, Arctic Blitz isn’t for you. The closest flavor comparison is rose water, but that’s not fair to roses. Nevertheless, it’s not a bad beverage, but it is a bit disappointing.

Cool Blue isn’t exactly the same as Blue Cherry, a popular Gatorade flavor that’s been around for a few years. It has the sourness of oranges combined with a generous amount of sugar. Unlike blue cherry, Cool Blue has a berry taste that’s not quite as dominant as blue cherry, which is the flavor most people associate with the product.

Cool blue Gatorade is available at most grocery stores, and can be used as a substitute for water during hot weather. It’s also a great drink for long workouts because it’s cheap and has zero calories. In addition to being a great beverage, it’s also safe for children and pets. And most importantly, it tastes like a berry drink, which means it’s not too sweet.